ABOUT US. We Pride ourselves on listening

BM Economistes and de la Mata Abogados

is formed to provide comprehensive consultancy services in the areas of tax and law.

We communicate in German, English, Spanish and Catalan.

From our past and current work experience, we know and understand the customers both from the point of view as consultants as well as from that of the entrepreneur.

We have worked with clients from all around the world and are committed to understanding not only your business and your specific needs, but also your cultural background.

Tax: BM Economistes consists of tax experts, tax lawyers, economists and accountants.

We are regularly involved in the solution of tax-related disputes and litigation; we provide complex tax advice to a number of individuals, family businesses, asset managers, family offices and companies.

We are experienced in advising clients in bankruptcy-related matters, such as bankruptcy proceedings, restructurings and other transactions requiring bankruptcy advice and pursuing contested claims.

Legal: From De la Mata Abogados, S.L. We represent your interests in proceedings in all Spanish courts. Our role is to successfully conduct legal proceedings on your behalf or, depending on your needs, to assert your interests out of court.

Our expertise extends to providing litigation strategy and planning as well as alternative dispute resolution techniques.

We also advise on the acquisition and sale of real estate, development construction and any related dealings with local land registries.

Our clients are confronted with all kinds of issues such as legal proceedings, real estate investments, asset planning, tax optimization, succession planning or questions regarding inheritance. Our longstanding knowledge in all these matters is at your service, together with a guaranteed continuity of our advice.

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